Customer Comments

“We first met Michael Daley  when we engaged him to do some work on our  sloop Beverly Ann, as we tried to ready her for a trans-Pacific voyage.  What a find Michael was.

Michael is one of the most knowledgeable and honest tradesman we have ever met; his work is first class and so is he. He goes about his job with an easygoing manner that belies his extreme electrical skills.  We would have no trouble in recommending Michael  to anybody. From planning a trip around San Francisco Bay or sailing to Australia like us, he will do the right job for you with a minimum of fuss and a lot of integrity.” — Dave Crossley, Australia [The Crossleys' 8200 nautical mile passage was completed with "no electrical problems whatsoever", although they lost their motor in the middle of the Pacific, and had their windex blown away in 55 Kt winds. -ed]

The Crossleys on Beverly Ann entering Sydney Harbor after their 8200 nautical mile voyage from San Francisco


Some excerpts from a customer’s blog:

“Michael Daley, an Electronic Engineer recommendation: The ADAGIO crew has had the good fortune locating exceptional marine services talent in various parts of the world – ranging from Hobart, Tasmania to Sitka, Alaska. Recently we had an especially good experience in San Francisco that I just want to mention briefly. [...]

So we inquired around our network of experienced Bay Area sailors for a recommendation of the best engineer to give the Electrodynes [commercial-fishing-grade brushless alternators - ed.] a thorough inspection. More than a couple of skippers recommended Michael Daley. Coincidentally we came across an excellent technical letter that Michael wrote for Richard Spindler’s Latitude 38 of February 2009 — specifically on the topic of alternator reliability. OK – that made it an easy decision. [...]

Michael and I went over that whole end of the yacht’s electrical system with a microscope. [...]

This is what we should expect from all the technical staff that work on our boats — but in our experience it is exceedingly rare.”

The complete recommendation can be read, and Steve and Dorothy’s adventures crusing the world aboard Adagio can be followed via this link:



“Thanks for your exceptional customer service. We really appreciate it.” – A.G., Nordic Tug owner

“I really appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism.” –  B.K., Fleet manager for charter sail and powerboats

“Thank you for your prompt and thorough service. I enjoy working with someone as committed to customer service as you.” — J.K., Yacht broker

“Extraordinary re-do of the entire electrical system. You brought the boat back to life.” — L.S., DeFever 50 owner