Our services

ABYC Certified in Marine Electrical

TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) Credentialed for unescorted access to secure areas such as commercial vessel bridges.


•Batteries and charging systems
•AC and DC power distribution
•Alternators, regulators and starters
•Shore power issues
•Automatic Charging Relays
•Solar panels
•Wind generators
•System design, expansion and modification
•Custom-designed power control systems
•New-owner training and consultation
•Safety inspections

•Sailing instruments
•Navigation instruments and systems
•SSB radio
•Instrument networking (NMEA 2000)
•Custom Projects

CORROSION (“electrolysis”) CONTROL:

•Galvanic Isolators

•Isolation Transformers

In a nutshell, if it has a hose or pipe on it, call a mechanic or a plumber; if it has a wire or cable on it, call Redwood Coast Marine Electrical at (707) 480 8517 (cell) or use the contact form provided. Thank you!